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I suppose I shall spare you the details of those 12, long boring hours I spent playing maid for Heichou as he lounged in an armchair, dictating my every move. (See? I'm caring. I would have made a very good ruler.) But what I will tell you is never, ever, EVER be late for anything Heichou assigns you to do. Ever. Because if you do, you will find yourself stumbling back to the bunkhouse at midnight, your stomach growling and painful from lack of food and your hands red and peeling. Consider yourself warned.

I blindly collapsed on my bed, the gnawing pain in my stomach nearly paralyzing. I buried my face into the pillow, letting out a long moan of agitation.
I felt like crap.

"Uh, b/n?" a pair of worried blue eyes peeked over from the top bunk, glinting in the faint moonlight.
"Yeah?" I tried to sound kinder then I was feeling; after all, I had been a pretty big d*** to my friends these past few days, especially to Armin.

"Are you okay? You haven't been here for the past day, and you look sick." Armin dropped from the upper bunk with surprising grace for someone like him. "Have you eaten? I haven't seen you at the mess hall since you woke up. Eren's been eating with us- I know you aren't eating with heichou."

My stomach rumbled before I could answer, causing me to cringe in embarrassment.
Armin smiled gently. "Yeah. Thought so. Be right back."

The blonde padded away silently with a surprising amount of stealth. I sat up and kicked my boots off, not caring where they went. I shrugged out of my jacket; that was all I could take off for now as it was too dangerous to risk removing anymore.

Armin could return at any moment and I didn't want him to catch me in a- compromising- position. It was a good thing I didn't, as the blonde saint quickly returned with a handkerchief wrapped package.

He lightly tossed it to me, and mouthed good night. Inside the bundle were two golden and flaky pastries-still slightly warm. My mouth watered at the sight.

"Armin" I whispered loudly, pushing on the exposed mattress of his bunk.
"Thank you."
"No problem."
"Oh and by the way, I'm sorry for the other day. And today."
"That's alright, B/N. Good night."
I returned my attention to the food, and practically inhaled it. I was too sleepy to care about savoring something that good. I flopped back on the bed, slightly more satisfied then before. But before long, I drifted off to dreamland.

"Hello dear." The woman leaned down in a graceful way, befitting of a lady. Copious amounts of jewelry dangled off her swanlike neck, and her face was painted with abundant amounts of rouge and lipstick.

"Who are you?" I asked with the childlike innocence of an 8-year old. "Are you one of those street whores big brother Alexi told me about?"
"The woman chuckled daintily, yet there was a cruel fakeness in her laugh. Her blue eyes shined menacingly down on me and her blonde curls dangled over my face.

"No, Ahiko. My name is lady Kira. I am going to be your new mommy."
"My new mommy!"
"Yes." She adjusted my baggy button down shirt, a two-sizes-too-large hand me down of Alexi's, in a meager attempt at a motherly gesture. Her touch seemed too harsh, too rough, as her sharp talon-like nails scraped my exposed flesh.

"Lady Kira?"
"Yes?" Her voice was strained.
"I don't think I want you to be my new mommy."

She straightened, her gentle façade gone, replaced by the icy cold glare of hers.
"Like it or not kid, I will be the queen."
"So you don't love my daddy?" I asked, tilting my head.

She flicked a bit of dirt out from under her nail, glaring at me over her hand like I was some sort of bug. "No, not at all."
"But aren't married people supposed to love each other? My mommy loved my daddy very very much."
"This is called a political marriage. I don't think you would know what that means, so I will tell you. I marry your daddy and I become queen. I get to rule an have a son, guess what?"

"He gets to become king." I answered dutifully.
"You are very well versed in politics, I see."
"Yup." I rocked back on my heels, eager to be receiving praise from this woman whom I thought had hated me.

"Good for you kid, just stay out of my way." She ruffled my hair, her nails digging into my scalp painfully. She turned and sauntered away. (In the most un-ladylike manner, might I add. I do think Alexi was right. She is a common street whore.) I could tell you one thing- I didn't like that woman.

For the first time in days, I didn't have a nightmare. I woke up feeling refreshed and much less irritated than the previous day. Maybe that was heichou's problem. If he slept more, he might lose that stick up his butt.

The sun was barely over the horizon when I tumbled out of bed, determined not to do anything to make this day worse than it was already going to be. The entire legion had to gather at the main entranceway upon arrival of the royal family- as per military protocol. I was hoping to weasel my way into the back of the crowd and stay hidden but, alas, fate had something else planned.

"B/N, you and Jaeger are expected to stand with me and the squad leaders once the royal family arrives." Heichou instructed while tapping his finger thoughtfully on the desk.
"Hurry up and finish your paperwork so we can head down."
"Yes heichou." I mumbled, bent over some stray paperwork that I hadn't completed two nights prior.

Within an hour we were gathered at the main gate, the sun beating down torturously upon us as we awaited the arrival of my father, stepmother, and sisters. Groans of annoyance and hushed conversations could be picked out from the crowd. Most people seemed excited- after all it wasn't everyday you got to meet royalty. Others, like Jean, were making their complaints audible, much to everyone's annoyance. My nerves were already pretty snapped; I didn't want to listen to that idiot complain about the weather, or the dust, or the bugs.

"You doing okay, B/N?" Eren leaned over, his face mere inches from mine. "You don't look so good. Is it the heat?"
"I'm fine." I attempted a measly smile in order to calm Eren, but he didn't look convinced. He opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by a cry of "Look!"

Coming around the bend in front of the survey corps headquarters was an ornate white carriage, trimmed gracefully with gold leaf and porcelain. Four grey stallions in exquisite gold harnesses pulled the contraption. That monstrosity probably cost thousands- more than an average person made in a lifetime. There were people starving and stepmother was wasting funds on this?

"B/N, can you please wipe that look off your face? You look like you are about to murder someone. Look presentable for royalty, at least." Heichou grumbled.

"Yessir."I reluctantly replied and forcefully reshaped my expression into a more… excited one.

A thin footman pulled open the door, and everyone snapped into a salute as my father stepped out of the carriage, dressed simply by the standards of royalty in black trousers and a black waistcoat. His brown hair was thinning out and graying slightly, and he looked older then I had remembered. More beaten-down.

I wanted to rush out of the crowd and hug him, tell him I was okay. But of course, I couldn't do that.

Father extended his hand to a woman, who elegantly stepped out of the carriage in a blur of white muslin and silk. She examined the crowd, her overly-painted lips curling into a small, almost undetectable smile when she noticed me. My heart froze. She couldn't have known it was me... It had to have been a trick of the light... Or perhaps, just my nerves getting to me again...

A young girl sprung out next, her blonde curls escaping from her hair bow and her robin's egg blue dress rumpled. The last one to exit the carriage was a young teenager, dressed in an impeccable white dress, who took the king's hand and exited in the same fashion as my stepmother.

Satisfied the carriage had been emptied, the footman shut the door with an audible bang. Stepmother's eyes narrowed in carefully suppressed annoyance as she whispered something to the man. He bowed in response.

"His majesty King Damien III, her majesty Queen Kira, and their royal highness, princesses Victoria and Elisabeth. It is also with great sorrow that His majesty, King Damien would like to announce that his highness, Prince Ahiko has yet to be found."

My heart twisted a little at that statement- maybe I was a little selfish, running away like that. My father had to be absolutely sick with worry. Or maybe there was no worry left. Maybe he had already given up hope, and all that remained was grief?

The family began striding up the path to the castle, stepmother staring straight ahead as if we were not worth her "precious" time. Victoria and Elisabeth followed behind, Victoria's eyes scanning the crowd with ladylike grace, and Elisabeth bouncing around and grinning at random people. She stopped right in front of me, and smiled broadly.

I froze. Keep walking child, I'm not here. I thought desperately to myself.
After a few seconds, she began to attract the attention of the other members of the scouting legion, and Victoria. Recognition seemed to pass over her features. I bowed stiffly, dropping my head in an attempt to hide it.

"Highnesses." It felt weird to hear that title coming from my own mouth, directed toward my own sisters.
"You look like my big brother Ahiko!" Elisabeth squealed, latching onto my leg. Immediately all eyes turned toward me, including those of my father and stepmother. "Is your name Ahiko?"

Every bone in my body was screaming at me to say yes, to reach down and embrace my sister. Yet, obviously I couldn't.

"No, highness I am very sorry, but my name is not Ahiko." Both Victoria and, surprisingly, Heichou, were watching me with a disbelieving glare.

Heichou couldn't know- could he? The only other person who knew was Petra, my dearly departed best friend. I felt my face go hot from embarrassment. A few whispered bits of conversation were exchanged among the crowd.
"He does look like him."
"The hair color's all wrong".
"How did I not see the resemblance?"

"Now dear, that's very impolite, not to mention un-ladylike to latch onto someone like that." Stepmother pried the blonde child from my leg and sat her down in front of me.
"Apologize." She sternly commanded.
"Sorry mister." Elizabeth smiled cheerfully up at me, revealing a few missing baby teeth. "We can still be friends though, right? Victoria doesn't play with me anymore like she used to. She says a lady shouldn't run around... Plus my brother is gone. So I get very lonely!"

"Of course, highness." Before I could stop myself, I squatted down to look into her cerulean eyes and ruffled her blonde hair in a manner that was too familiar for a "common person" to be doing. "I'll find some time to play with you. We'll have lots of fun, right?" Stepmother glared at me out of the corner of her eye, her lips curling into her trademark sickly- sweet grin that I knew all too well. In an instant, I realized how fatal that decision was. I stood up slowly, my cheeks burning.

"Well well, my daughter seems quite taken with you." Stepmother gave off a fake little chuckle.

"Would you be so inclined as to act as my daughters' personal guard? You are a member of the special ops squad, am I correct?" She glanced at Levi, who nodded in approval, before returning her piercing glare to me. I could feel Levi's glare boring into the back of my head as they awaited my answer. Suddenly I felt like one of the butterflies on a pin in the case in father's study at the palace. I was trapped, I couldn't breathe. Stepmother knew, and now there was no choice but to play her game.

"I'd be honored to, your majesty." I felt myself speak before I could stop myself

LevixReader The false prince Ch 5
Hahahahahh here it is, the new chapter! It's been a long time since I worked on this story. Also, thank you to MimiBlue for being my beta reader. You can check out her lovely fanfiction page Here
- As always, you can read this on Fanfiction if that suits your fancy *Right Here*
Previous chapters-
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<da:thumb id="438920394"> 
<da:thumb id="439261346"> Levi (c) Hajime Isayma
You (c)Attack On Titan Icon: Levi 
Alice by hatorikakashi
My scanner washed out the colors. Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] Crying Death the Kid Emote WHYYYYYYYYY
I created an account on a website called Paigeeworld. I really don't post drawings on here, but I post a lot on there.


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Hello all! Sooos u found my page huh? Well, now you have the privilage of learning abou magical, wonderful, weird........ ME!
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First off, i love horses. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.
secondly, i love manga and anime. my all time favorite animes/ mangas are as follows-
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I am also obssesed with making flash animation, and trying to make a dresssup game on vectorian giotto. Do you know if it runs with action script 3?
And now- some random pictures!(btw these pics are not mine- mine are next to this. See `em? Copyright, m`dears.
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